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EU drops controls on dangerous chemicals after TTIP pressure from US – report

TroothPress - European Union

RT - 22 May, 2015

EU proposals to regulate hormone-damaging chemicals linked to cancer, fertility problems and diabetes were allegedly dropped following pressure from US trade officials amid talks on the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

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ISIS loyalists claim responsibility for suicide attack in Saudi Arabia

TroothPress - ISIS / ISIL / IS

The Associated Press - 22 May, 2015

A suicide bomber killed at least 19 people Friday in a blast inside a Shia mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia as worshippers commemorated the seventh century birth of a revered figure, residents and officials said.

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Israel concerned over NPT conference final resolution

TroothPress - Israel

PressTV - 22 May, 2015

Israel is concerned that the final resolution of a UN conference on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) may pressure the Tel Aviv regime into acknowledging its nuclear arsenal, a report says.

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You Be the Judge

TroothPress - False Flag

Robert Parry   Consortiumnews.com - 20 May, 2015

Exclusive: An Australian news show bristled at being caught broadcasting misleading images designed to prove Russian President Putin was responsible for shooting down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 last July. The program says it simply opted for “a wide shot” to give its audience the fuller “layout,” reports Robert Parry.

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Mortar attack on Russian embassy in Damascus an ‘act of terror’ – Moscow

TroothPress - Russia

RT - 19 May, 2015

The Russian embassy in the Syrian capital of Damascus was shelled on Tuesday, with Moscow stating that it considers the attack on its diplomatic mission an act of terror.

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Arab diplomats secretly meet Israeli officials in Jordan: Report

TroothPress - Israel

PressTV - 19 May, 2015

Diplomats from certain Arab counties that do not have open diplomatic relations with the Tel Aviv regime have had a secret meeting with Israeli officials in Jordan, a report says.

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Cpl. Neil Ogurian's girlfriend says RCMP 'drove him to suicide'

Natalie Clancy   CBC News - 04 May, 2015

On the first anniversary of Cpl. Neil Ogurian's death, his girlfriend is still struggling with what led the B.C. Mountie to take his own life on May 4, 2014, after a prolonged dispute with RCMP managers.

Arctic Council meeting sees end of Canada's term as chair

CBC News - 24 April, 2015

Secretary of State John Kerry, taking over as chairman of the Arctic Council.  As tensions with Russia regarding the arctic territories have steadily increased over the last decade, for sure someone nick named 'Long Devil' is the right choice to offer a calming voice of diplomacy,
huh, huh?

Canada's turn as Arctic Council head to end at Iqaluit meeting; Kerry takes over

Bob Weber   The Canadian Press - 19 April, 2015

Canada will voice its concerns over what it calls Russia's military aggression in Ukraine during a meeting of the eight nations that make up the Arctic Council this week.

Mark Saunders named Toronto police's new chief: sources

CBC News - 19 April, 2015

The 'ultra-obvious attempt to install a superficially opposite of Blair' award goes to the Toronto Police Service.  The consequences belong to people of Toronto, and surrounding areas, maybe even the rest of YOU,me&US, shall see..-~

#WeWillBurnUSAgain: Islamic State Threatens to Unleash 9/11-Like Terror

Sputnik - 11 April, 2015

Islamic State radicals and their supporters started a Twitter campaign against Americans under the "WeWillBurnUSAgain" hashtag, saying they are going to repeat 9/11 attacks.

Obama under pressure to declassify 28 pages of report showing Saudi link to 9/11

PressTV - 17 February, 2015

US President Barack Obama has come under growing pressure by a bipartisan group of lawmakers to release 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report that indirectly implicates Saudi Arabia in the September, 2001 attacks.

Argentine Supreme Court clears 9/11 truther extradition

PressTV - 06 January, 2015

In an unprecedented move, the Argentinean Supreme Court under the pressure of the US Justice Department agreed to extradite Kurt Sonnenfeld, a former Federal Emergency Management Agency official who revealed the US government’s connection with the 9/11 attacks. Sonnenfeld has been living in Buenos Aires for more than 10 years and according to the Denver district attorney he is charged with killing his wife back in 2002.

2003 CIA cable casts doubt on claim linking Iraq to 9/11

Gabe LaMonica   CNN - 12 December, 2014

A recently released CIA cable casts heavy doubt on a key claim used by the Bush administration to justify the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

How To Spot Groupthink Among Economists

Zero Hedge - 18 May, 2015

As GMO's James Montier says in his latest white paper today "it seems one can hardly open a financial newspaper or read a blog these days without tripping over some academic-cum-central banker talking about the once arcane notion of the equilibrium real interest rate."

Gerry Ritz, Ed Fast say Canada will retaliate after WTO win on U.S. meat labelling law

CBC News - 19 May, 2015

Lawmakers in Ottawa are threatening to impose punitive measures against the U.S. after winning a contentious trade dispute at the World Trade Organization over U.S. meat labelling laws that Canada says have cost the industry as much as $1 billion in lost sales each year.

Master-stroke: Russia invites Greece to become a member of the BRICS New Development Bank

News 786 - 13 May, 2015

The fact that Russia has invited Greece to become the sixth member of the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) is bit obscured by U.S. Secretary of State Kerry's visit with Lavrov in Sochi.

Is Greece about to default?

Eric Maurice   euobserver - 12 May, 2015

Only a few hours after a Eurogroup meeting which hat-tipped progress in Greece bailout talks, Athens appears to be on the edge of bankruptcy.

McDonald's new turnaround plan could backpedal on minimum wage increase

RT - 09 May, 2015

The world’s biggest burger chain captured celebratory news headlines in April by announcing it was going to increase minimum wages for those at its corporate restaurants, but just how many workers that decision will affect may still be up in the air.

Hospital hand cleaner safety data sought by FDA

Matthew Perrone   The Associated Press - 30 April, 2015

Federal health officials in the U.S. say more information is needed to establish the safety and effectiveness of common hand cleaners used in hospitals, doctors' offices and nursing homes to kill germs and prevent infections.

World Health Organization warns against unnecessary C-section

PressTV 11 April, 2015

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a global warning asking women to refrain from unnecessary Cesarean section (C-section) to give birth.

Doctor calls medical note to patient's employer a waste of time

John Bowman   CBC News - 02 April, 2015

A doctor's note excusing an employee from work for one day because of a cold has gone viral because in it the doctor accuses the employer of wasting his time and tax dollars.

Police State
Critics want to see changes to 'rent-a-cop' programs in Canadian cities

Liam Casey, Paola Loriggio   The Canadian Press - 17 May, 2015

"Paid Duty" vs increased revenue from loitering fines..-~

Bill C-51: How Trudeau's support of the anti-terror bill could help the NDP

Peter Nowak   CBC News - 08 May, 2015

If Justin Trudeau's Facebook page is any indication, the federal Liberal party may have lost a big swath of voter support on Wednesday for helping to pass Bill C-51, the Conservatives' controversial anti-terrorism legislation.

Bill C-51 passes in House of Commons

The Canadian Press - 06 May, 2015

Canada's new alleged 'Anti-Terrorism Act', Bill C - 51, has been passed through parliament with support flowing from all parties involved.  They may have hoisted it upon YOU,me&US, but WE are the ones responsible for accepting it..-~

Canada Set to Pass Ominous ‘Anti-Terror’ Law, Despite Widespread Protests

Sputnik - 06 May, 2015

Canada’s House of Commons is set to vote on a controversial “anti-terror” bill on Tuesday. Opponents from a myriad of groups and parties are calling on their representatives to scrap the bill, saying it has the potential to turn the country into a police state.

Climate Change
Antarctica's Larsen B ice shelf a few years from disintegration

Thomson Reuters - 15 May, 2015

The last intact section of one of Antarctica's mammoth ice shelves is weakening fast and will likely disintegrate completely in the next few years, contributing further to rising sea levels, according to a NASA study released on Thursday.

Stephen Harper draws up election calculus on climate change

Chris Hall   CBC News - 30 April, 2015

Stephen Harper surprised a lot of people when he said Canada's soon-to-be-announced target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2020 will not be the same as the U.S.

Pope Francis to promote climate action as moral imperative

Greg Zoroya   USA Today - 22 April, 2015

As the world celebrates Earth Day on Wednesday, Pope Francis is planning to use one of the highest forms of papal expression — an encyclical — to promote climate action to save the planet as a moral and religious imperative.

Ontario adopts cap-and-trade system to reduce greenhouse gases

The Canadian Press - 13 April, 2015

Ontario will adopt a cap-and-trade system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Premier Kathleen Wynne said Monday before she travelled to Quebec to sign a deal with that province.