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United States Hits IS Targets in Syria With Airstrikes: Pentagon

TroothPress - United States

RIA Novosti - 23 September, 2014

United States have conducted airstrikes against the Islamic State (IS) targets in Syria, Pentagon said.  "I can confirm that US military and partner nation forces are undertaking military action against ISIL terrorists in Syria, using a mix of fighter, bomber and Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles," Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby said.

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Russia, China wonder when America will attack them: US journalist

TroothPress - China

PressTV - 22 September, 2014

The United States’ recklessly aggressive posture towards Russia and China has put them in a position where they are wondering when Washington will attack them, an American political commentator says.

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Secret Service weighs new measures after White House breach

TroothPress - False Flag

The Associated Press - 22 September, 2014

The Secret Service, following an embarrassing security breach at the White House, is said to be considering establishing new checkpoints to screen tourists in public areas near the presidential mansion.

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Drinking water contaminated by excreted drugs a growing concern

TroothPress - Eugenics

Kelly Crowe   CBC News - 22 September, 2014

If we’re taking it, we’re also drinking it: painkillers, blood thinners, hormones, chemotherapy agents, even cocaine and amphetamines.

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Military Plant In East Ukraine Devastated By Massive Explosion; Kiev Accuses Russia Of Using Tactial Nuke

TroothPress - False Flag

Zero Hedge - 21 September, 2014

Last night’s headlines crowed in bright red flashing text that Russia and Ukraine had (once again) agreed a cease-fire and terms over the borders between the two nations. Perhaps not surprisingly, mere hours later, Ukraine is claiming that Russia has broken the truce… with the use of a tactical nuclear weapon at Luhansk airport. This comes on the heels of claims by the pro-Russia separatists that Kiev forces destroyed a massive military plant in Donetsk. Russia’s defense ministry flatly denies the ‘nuclear strikes’ adding that “no reasonable person will take them seriously.”This truce-breaking action has once again raised calls among Ukrainians for the nation to get its nuclear status back; something Russia is clearly strongly against.

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Ghani named winner of Afghan election, will share power with rival in new government

TroothPress - Afghanistan

Tim Craig   The Washington Post - 21 September, 2014

Former finance minister Ashraf Ghani was declared the winner of Afghanistan’s contested presidential election Sunday, setting the stage for President Hamid Karzai’s departure from office and a security agreement allowing American troops to remain in the country after this year.

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Jean Chrétien says Canada is all in on Iraq mission

Kristen Everson   CBC News - 20 September, 2014

Despite assurances that the new engagement in Iraq is not a combat mission, Canada could be on the hook to provide more support according to former prime minister Jean Chrétien.

Petro Poroshenko: 'I am thankful to Canada'

Laura Payton   CBC News - 17 September, 2014

Ukraine is stormed and taken over by a violent gang of largely masked thugs, Canada offers it's 'support'.  The new ruling regime in Kiev initiates open genocide on Eastern Ukrainian citizens, allegedly based on their support of independence, Canada offers more silent 'support'.  Ukraine, under Petro Poroshenko, lobbies to join NATO and receive subsequent infusion of military equipment&personnel, something unthinkable&forbidden for decades, Canada once more&again offers ideological endorsement&'support'. 
At what point will YOU,me&US, the Canucks footing the mandatory bill, have OUR say, huh, huh?!?..-~

Canadian beekeepers’ sting: Pesticide giants sued for $450mn over bee deaths

RT - 04 September, 2014

Canadian honey producers have filed a class-action lawsuit against Bayer and Syngenta to recover losses dating as far back as 2006, claiming that neonicotinoids they produce and sell are killing bees and cause massive material damage.

ISIS in Iraq: What Canada could offer if West decides on military action

James Cudmore   CBC News - 03 September, 2014

As NATO leaders gather in Wales this week to discuss a response to the crisis in Ukraine, their host, British Prime Minister David Cameron, has promised to raise the question of military measures to deal with the growing threat of ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq.

US Senator: Washington Covers Saudi Involvement in 9/11 Tragedy and IS Subsidizing

RIA Novosti - 14 September, 2014

The rise of Islamic State (IS) has been indirectly facilitated by the US government, as Washington has always been turning a blind eye to Saudi support for Sunni radicals in the Middle East and Riyadh involvement in 9/11 tragedy, claims Bob Graham, former chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee.

9/11 was ‘massive deception, deliberate hoax’ by US and Israel: Scholar

PressTV - 12 September, 2014

The September, 11 terrorist attacks in the US were a “deliberate hoax” and “massive deception” by neoconservatives in the Pentagon, in cooperation with US and Israeli intelligence agencies to take the US into war on behalf of Israel, the co-founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth says.

How 9/11 hastened the decline of the American empire

Mary O'Connell   CBC News - 11 September, 2014

As the U.S. marks the 13th anniversary of 9/11 and contemplates renewed military action in Iraq, some observers warn that America is a fading power.

How Did WTC7 Collapse Without Being Hit by a Plane?

James Corbett   Activist Post - 02 September, 2014

In this edition of "Questions For Corbett" James answers questions on the BRICS vs. the west, facebook and Googletube, the WTC7 collapse, Zeitgeist, secret societies, and much much more.

Scotland referendum: Warnings mount about economic harm

CBC News - 16 September, 2014

Economists say capital will drain out of Scotland if the country votes Yes to independence in a referendum this week. They are among scores of officials and experts warning of the economic consequences of a Yes vote.

IMF director Lagarde placed under investigation in France

euronews.com - 27 August, 2014

The director of the IMF and former French finance minister Christine Lagarde has been formally placed under investigation for negligence by a court in France.

Russia to Contribute $30Bln to BRICS Reserves Pool – Putin

RIA Novosti - 14 August, 2014

Russia is planning to contribute $30 billion to the BRICS reserve funding pool called Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA), Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

Sanctions Against Russia May Have Severe Impact on Global Economy - IMF

RIA Novosti - 30 July, 2014

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine and tougher Western sanctions against Russia would bring negative economic consequences for the EU and the CIS countries and may have adverse effects on the global scale, according to report released by the International Monetary Fund Tuesday.

Heal your thyroid with natural compounds

Dr. David Jockers   Natural News - 16 September, 2014

One of the fastest rising health conditions in the US is hypothyroidism. The most common symptoms experienced are lethargy, depression and weight gain. Some of the newest reports are estimating that 15-30% of the population may have thyroid problems. Heal your thyroid with natural compounds that support the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenals and thyroid.

Mobile Phone Radiation Confirmed to Damage Cells: Study

Activist Post - 23 June, 2014

The Ukrainian group of scientists around Igor Yakymenko at the Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology in Kiev consider it to be proven that mobile phone radiation leads to harmful oxidation processes in cells through the overproduction of free radicals. In the editorial "Low intensity radiofrequency radiation: a new oxidant for living cells" in the scientific journal Oxidants and Antioxidants in Medical Science of 29 March 2014 the group reported that of 80 studies, they had assessed, 92.5 % (= 76 studies) confirmed that mechanism of inflicting damage.

Turmeric as effective for treating disease as 14 different conventional drugs, study finds

Julie Wilson   Natural News - 12 June, 2014

It's no secret that turmeric has amazing healing properties; in fact, it's one of the most thoroughly researched plants in history. Dating back thousands of years, humans have used turmeric as both a food and a medicine, even using it to cure life-threatening diseases.

Opiate overdose deaths rising across Canada

Maureen Brosnahan   CBC News - 18 June, 2014

Deaths linked to opiate overdoses are rising sharply across Canada owing to an increase in prescription drug use, says a report released Wednesday by the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition.

Police State
Michael Brown shooting: Long legal process angers Ferguson residents

Meagan Fitzpatrick   CBC News - 18 September, 2014

It has been more than a month since unarmed teenager Michael Brown was shot dead in Ferguson, Mo., and residents are still "mad as hell" that the police officer who killed the young black man hasn't been arrested.

26 school district police departments have stocked up on military equipment

Tami Abdollah   The Washington Times - 17 September, 2014

School police departments across the country have taken advantage of free military surplus gear, stocking up on mine resistant armored vehicles, grenade launchers and scores of M16 rifles.

David Cameron outlines new anti-terror measures to MPs

BBC News - 01 September, 2014

New powers are needed to seize the passports of terrorist suspects and stop British jihadists from returning to the UK, David Cameron has said.

Michael Brown shooting: Police take down command centre as protests ebb

Thomson Reuters - 27 August, 2014

Authorities on Wednesday disbanded what had been a command centre in Ferguson, Mo., for law enforcement responding to sometimes violent protests over the killing of black teenager Michael Brown by a white police officer.

Climate Change
People’s Climate March on September 21 to Become Turning Point for World

RIA Novosti - 16 September, 2014

The People's Climate March that will take place on September 21 in New York City will create a tipping point for the world, a statement on the event's website said.

Carbon dioxide levels reach record high in 2013: UN

PressTV - 09 September, 2014

Regardless of the rotating lenses and filters needed to view and make 'sense' of certified and approved climate data and conclusions, the rock bottom line and malicious mantra remains the same.  Any&All so called extreme weather, especially if it causes damage and problems, is obviously&without a doubt, or discussion, 'due to human activities'. 
Sure it's an enormous&PROVEN LIE, but here WE are, 'livin' it&payin fer it, Y'know?!?

Coldest Antarctic June Ever Recorded

Eric Worrall   Watts Up With That? - 12 July, 2014

Antarctica continues to defy the global warming script, with a report from Meteo France, that June this year was the coldest Antarctic June ever recorded, at the French Antarctic Dumont d’Urville Station.

Climate change will cost big business dearly, report warns

CBC News - 24 June, 2014

Climate change will cost the U.S. economy dearly in the form of property damage, lost output and even deaths, a nonpartisan group backed by a trio of some of the heaviest hitters in the world of business said Tuesday.